• 3 - 4 October 2020
  • Jakarta Convention Center

Get To Know Us

As a DJ/Producer, YOCHI debuted his creative work in 2012, when he and his fellowship set up a DJ Management. Then he created his indie label himself under the name DICTION AUDIO in 2014, bring “Bass Culture” as his type of music.

The name of YOCHI  itself came from his interest in Japanese culture, which is abbreviation from ‘Yosuke’ (taken from a fictional anime charater) and ‘Chibi’. Many years performing remixes, YOCHI decided to create his own music and perform in many local event, including Japanese Matsuri.

With his unique characteristic of sound by mix “Bass Culture” and “UK & Happy hardcore”, YOCHI bring the freshness to the scene with his latestwork, DYNAMICORE EP! This highly anticipated creation bring his dynamic view: how EDM could be fun and reach not segmented, but widely scale of music listeners in any perpective and genres. ( Available on spotify )