• 3 - 4 October 2020
  • Jakarta Convention Center

Get To Know Us

As DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING, Yuyoyuppe performs in front of hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide. Known to rock crowds with his dynamic mix and charismatic stage presence, he has performed at major music festivals nationally like ROCK IN JAPAN, SUMMER SONIC, Re:animation and is a regular at the prestigious annual mega event, COUNT DOWN JAPAN. Internationally, he has performed in countries across the globe, from Singapore, Indonesia, and Taiwan to Germany, USA, Chile, and many other countries.

Yuyoyuppe is also one of the main driving forces for the viral global phenomenon BABYMETAL, where he serves the band’s sound producer. In 2016, the band unprecedentedly charted in the U.S Billboard top 40 with their second album Metal Resistance, a feat that has not been achieved for the past 50 years by any other Japanese music act.

As one of the most beloved artists in the Japan’s music industry, Yuyoyuppe has also composed hit songs for other renowned artistes such as ERIHIRO (From SPEED), TRF, Momoiro Clover Z, T.M.Revolution and many more.

As his repertoire of hit songs and fan base grows around the world, he is more than ready to bring an unforgettable sonic experience to all his fans.