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Visionary. Designer. Wanderer.

Who I Am & What I Do…
My name is Alston Stephanus. I am an entrepreneur, accessories designer, and cosplayer. I was born in Singapore on February 10, 1987, and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. Ever since an early age I was fascinated by the beauty of the world in its natural state. Because of my curiosity in my youth carried into my adulthood, inspiring me to create and travel the world extensively. Therefore made so much easier as I got the chance to further my studies in London, England.

Staying in the U.K provided me with such a different view of the world, which ultimately equipped me with a global philosophy that went on to be a cornerstone of my artistry even till this day. Combining my interest in western pop culture with my accessory designing skills, thus I decided to try my hand at cosplaying.

How I Started Cosplaying…
With my background in fashion and accessories, it was a natural step for me to become a cosplayer. I first debuted in 2014 at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) with a series of cosplays based on my favorite things. It was a wonderful introduction into the world and my experience there
further inspired me to pursue cosplaying in a more professional fashion.

In 2015, I decided to attend SDCC again, but this time with a brand-new idea in mind. Merging two of my beloved childhood characters, R2-D2 from the Star Wars universe and Mega-R2, into one amazing outfit. Thus, it was aptly dubbed Mega-R2. The construction of Mega-R2 consisted of a modification of a helmet I originally styled for a Mega-R2 cosplay and bazooka arm made by my accessory line, Alston Stephanus Accessories, based in Jakarta. The attention to detail and creativity did not go unnoticed, and my mash-up cosplay garnered a lot of press and appreciation.


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